Alumni Association

  1. NAME:

The name of this organization shall be the Iota Pi TKE Alumni Association, hereinafter referred to as “Alumni Association”.


The Alumni Association shall be domiciled in Kent, Ohio and registered as a not-for-profit corporation in the State of       Ohio.

III.            PURPOSE:

The purpose of the Alumni Association is to promote the principles of Tau Kappa Epsilon among TKE alumni members and the Iota Pi active chapter.


Membership in the Alumni Association shall be available to all alumni of the Iota Pi Chapter who are no longer students at Kent State University, who are in good standing with the Iota Pi Chapter and the International Fraternity, and who are 21 years of age or older.  Honorary members initiated into Iota Pi Chapter are also eligible for membership.

Any alumnus initiated into Tau Kappa Epsilon, at a chapter other than Iota Pi, may join the Alumni Association upon a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

  1. DUES:

Dues may be established by the Alumni Association’s Board of Directors.  Any member in arrears of dues may not speak on an issue in an Alumni Association meeting, vote, or be elected to the Board.  Such members in arrears may participate in Alumni Association functions upon payment of applicable fees.


The Alumni Association officers shall consist of the Executive Board and the Directors. The Executive board shall consist of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and Webmaster. The Alumni Association membership will elect its officers no less than every 4 years. Any interim director vacancy shall be filled by nomination and majority vote of the Alumni Association officers. The officers elected by the Alumni Association, shall constitute the Board of Advisors of Iota PI Chapter along with the Chapter Advisor, Prytanis and Crysophylos of the active chapter.

The Chairman shall have oversight of all Alumni Association activities.  He shall coordinate the meeting agenda and preside over all meetings.  He will be the Alumni Association’s principal officer and provide leadership in all areas.

The Vice-Chairman will assist the Chairman in his functions and shall assume the duties of the Chairman in the Chairman’s absence.

The Secretary shall record the minutes of the meetings and distribute them afterwards for Board approval.  He shall maintain the minutes and other records and transfer them to any successor Secretary.   He shall be responsible for any required state or regulatory filings.

The Treasurer shall oversee the accounting and financial records of the Alumni Association.  He shall maintain any bank accounts established and be responsible for receipts and disbursements.

The Webmaster will be responsible for all Alumni Association internet functionality.  He will coordinate related processes and enhancements to maximize Association member communications.

VII.           DIRECTORS:

Directors shall be elected by the membership no less than every 4 years. Elections will take place along with the election of the Executive Board. The Alumni Association Board of Officers shall consist of the Executive Board and Directors for a total of not less than (8) members nor more than (12). Nominations may be made by any eligible Alumni Association member, including self-nominations. A majority vote may be electronic or by show of hands. If a majority vote is not obtained, individuals will be elected to the Board via a plurality vote.

The Chapter Advisor shall be a voting Alumni Association member in addition to the Alumni Association officers and be liaison to the active chapter. The Chapter Advisor position on the board of officers shall not be subject to an Alumni Association vote.

Any officer vacancy that occurs between elections shall be filled by nomination and a board of officers majority approval vote.

An officer may be removed from the Board by a 2/3 vote of the Board of Officers. All other Board of Officer actions require a majority vote for adoption.


The powers and responsibilities of the Board of Advisors are those put forth in the Black Book of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity International Constitution and Bylaws.


Reunions will be held not less than every 3 years.  The Board will establish the reunion date at least 6 months in advance.  A general membership meeting, overseen by the Chairman, will be held at each reunion, and not to exceed 2 hours in length.


The Board will meet in person or telephonically at least twice per year, including reunion meetings.  Meeting notice shall be at least 30 days.  A quorum shall consist of Directors present.

If a general membership meeting is required other than at a reunion, a telephonic meeting will be scheduled with at least 30 days notice to members.


The Constitution and By-Laws may be adopted or amended by a 2/3 approval vote of the Alumni Association membership.  This document supersedes and replaces any existing similar Constitution or By-Laws that may be in place.

 Adopted or Last Amended_______________ (date)

Signed ___________________ (Secretary)    __________ (Date)






The Board of Advisors and Chapter Corporation

SECTION 1. How ConstitutedThe activities of each collegiate chapter shall be supervised by a Board of Advisors consisting of the Chapter Advisor, the Chapter Prytanis, the Chapter Crysophylos, and at least four other persons, the majority of whom should be alumni or honorary members of the International Fraternity. The Board of Advisors shall act in compliance with the Articles of Incorporation, Constitution, Bylaws, laws, traditions, usages, obligations, and principles of the Fraternity and to set by example the standard of conduct for collegiates and non- members to emulate. The elected members of the Board of Advisors shall serve for a term of four years or for terms as approved by the Board of Advisors, and until their successors are elected, and all vacancies except as hereinafter provided shall be filled by the members of said Board. The Chief Executive Officer shall have power to remove from office at his discretion, for violation of the Articles of Incorporation, Constitution, Bylaws, laws, traditions, usages, obligations, principles or ritual of the Fraternity or other good cause, any member or members of a Board of Advisors, and may fill by appointment all vacancies thereby created.

SEC. 2. OfficersThe Board shall annually choose a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, which latter two officers may be combined in one person if desired. The members shall hold office until their successors are elected and shall not lose their right to vote by reason of holding office.

SEC. 3. Liability InsuranceThe Board of Advisors shall maintain comprehensive general liability insurance under which the chapter corporation and the chapter or the colony corporation and the colony, as the case may be, shall be named insureds, which shall include host liquor liability coverage, provided the same is reasonably available. In the event that for any reason no Board of Advisors exists, then the obligation to maintain the insurance herein required shall be on the officers of the chapter corporation, the chapter, the colony corporation and the colony, as the case may be.

SEC. 4. Motions by Members of ChapterAny member of the said chapter may present written motions or resolutions for the consideration of the Board, or any matter within its jurisdiction, which, if seconded in writing by another member, shall thereupon be discussed and voted upon in the same manner as if offered by a member of the Board.

SEC. 5. AppealsAny chapter may, by majority vote, appeal to the Chief Executive Officer from any decision or action by the Board of Advisors, with further right of appeal from his decision to the Grand Prytanis.

SEC. 6. Sinking FundWhenever any chapter shall be or become indebted for other than current expenses, it shall be the duty of the Chapter Corporation to establish a sinking fund for the retirement of such debt, and to require said chapter to pay monthly to the Treasurer of the Chapter Corporation a sum sufficient for said sinking fund, and also to cover its taxes, insurance and a reasonable depreciation on its property, the amount of which shall also be fixed by the Chapter Corporation.

SEC. 7. Powers and DutiesWhenever property shall be held for the use of any chapter, the Chapter Corporation shall have the power to require repairs, insurance, the payment of taxes, special assessments, mechanics’ liens, judgments and all other matters necessary for the protection and preservation of such property. No encumbrance or conveyance of such real estate shall be made without its consent. It shall have power to prohibit any act or omission which may waste or damage the said property.

SEC. 8. Title to PropertyThe title to all real and personal property of the several collegiate chapters shall vest in and be held by the Chapter Corporation for such collegiate chapters.

SEC. 9. Chattel Mortgages, Etc. Chattel mortgages, conditional sales contracts and any other contract granting a security interest in property used by any collegiate chapter shall be executed only by the proper officers of the Chapter Corporation, when authorized by a proper resolution of the Board of Directors.

SEC. 10. Control and Disposition of Personal Property on Loss of CharterIn the event that the charter of any collegiate chapter shall be withdrawn or surrendered, the control and custody of the personal property held by or for the use of such chapter shall devolve upon the Chapter Corporation, and it shall dispose of the same as directed by the Grand Council. All monies, and the proceeds of sale of such personal property of said chapter, shall be held by the Fraternity to the credit of said chapter, as directed by the Grand Council.

SEC. 11. Authority of Grand CouncilIn the event that a chapter is suspended or declared non-operating, the Grand Council shall have authority over the real estate and personal property held by the Chapter Corporation, Boards of Advisors and chapters to prevent its being diverted from its proper use as Fraternity property and to prevent the carrying on of any practices contrary to the Constitution, Bylaws, laws, ritual or principles of the International Fraternity.

SEC. 12. Disposition of Real Estate on Loss of CharterIn the event that the charter of any chapter shall be withdrawn or surrendered, the title to any real estate shall be held for the alumni members of said chapter, for a period of two years. If, at the expiration of the two years, such chapter shall not have been restored, the local Board of

Advisors or the Chapter Corporation shall sell the real estate, unless other action is authorized by the Grand Prytanis. After the payment or provision for payment of all legally enforceable obligations of the owner of the real estate, the remaining proceeds of any sale of real estate shall be promptly transferred to the Fraternity (unless otherwise determined by the Grand Council) and held by the Fraternity to the credit of said chapter regardless of the time of such sale and regardless of whether title was held by the chapter, Chapter Corporation or Board of Advisors.

SEC. 13. General SupervisionThe Board of Advisors and the Chapter Corporation shall have general supervision over all phases of chapter operations and the finances of the chapter; shall approve budgets hereinbefore provided; shall prevent incurring of unnecessary or unwise expenditures or indebtedness, or penalties to the Fraternity; shall require the prompt collection by the chapter of all monies due it or due the Chapter Corporation or the International Fraternity, and assist therein, and shall require all chapter accounts to be kept and reports made on the forms and at the times required by law, or by the Chief Executive Officer. The Board of Advisors and the Directors of the Chapter Corporation must confer with the officers of the chapter concerning the execution of the aforesaid duties.

SEC. 14. Business ManagerThe Board of Advisors of, and the Chapter Corporation for, each chapter may annually employ a Business Manager of the chapter who may, but need not be, a member of a Board of Advisors and fix his compensation at such reasonable sum as may be agreed upon. The Business Manager shall supervise the work of the Crysophylos, make a monthly audit of his books; collect all bills of members for board, room rent, dues, fees, and other obligations to the International Fraternity, the Chapter Corporation and the chapter which are not paid when due, supervise the purchase of all supplies and the payment of all accounts payable of the chapter and the Chapter Corporation. He shall keep such books of account as may be necessary and make such reports to the Board of Advisors and the Chapter Corporation and to the International Fraternity as may from time to time be required. All or any of such duties of a Business Manager may be performed by an officer or employee of the college or university at which the chapter is located, as required or designated by said college or university.

SEC. 15. EmployeesAll contracts for services of business managers, resident advisors, housemothers, housekeepers, cooks, stewards, and all other persons who may be employed by or in the services of any collegiate chapter shall be made and the compensation and duties of such person or persons fixed by the respective Boards of Advisors or Chapter Corporation.

SEC. 16. Annual ReportsThe Board of Advisors and the said Chapter Corporation shall file an annual report with the chapter, the Secretary of the Board of Advisors, the Secretary of the Chapter Corporation and the International Fraternity. The report shall be on forms supplied by the International Fraternity and shall include information as may be deemed necessary by the Grand Council from time to time. The annual report shall be filed no later than May 15 of each year. Additionally, a financial report and a copy of the Chapter and/or Chapter Corporation Internal Revenue Service Form 990 shall be filed with the Offices of the Grand Chapter by November 15 of each year.

SEC. 17. Board of AdvisorsThe rights and duties imposed by these Bylaws on the Chapter Corporation shall be exercised by the Board of Advisors if a Chapter Corporation has not been organized by such Board of Advisors. If a Chapter Corporation has been organized, the Board of Advisors may nevertheless exercise the rights and duties imposed by these Bylaws on the Chapter Corporation to the extent necessary or appropriate under applicable state law, and the Board of Advisors shall exercise such rights and duties to the extent the Chapter Corporation fails to do so.