Welcome to the TKE Alumni Association for the Iota Pi Chapter at Kent State University!


This website aims to bring together the KSU alumni from the TKE Iota Pi Chapter.  If you are an TKE Iota Pi alumnus visiting this site for the first time, please take a moment to head over to the Mailing List page first.  This will give you a chance to get your information updated in our database and bringing you on board with our Iota Pi alumni mailing list.We have redesigned the website in a manner that will allow us to keep information current, particularly with upcoming events.  So, please, take some time to look around!

Our Mission as Alumni:

To develop a strong, dependable, organized network of alumni able to guide through leadership and instructional motivation, resulting in the improvement of the quality, quantity, and unified pride of Iota Pi and Tau Kappa Epsilon.

Tau Kappa Epsilon Alumni Association:

President: Don Spencer (tke.don.spencer@gmail.com)
Vice President:  Bryan Noller
Secretary:  Jason Jonson
Treasurer:  Terry Crawford
Webmaster:  Jim White

Alumni Board of Advisors:

President:  James Fox
Vice President:  Ron Zoeller
Secretary:  Patrick (Dirk) DeBoer
Treasurer:  Terry Crawford
Housing:  Jim Prosek
Member at Large:  Eric (Stix) Cunningham
Alum Ass. President:  Paul Frank
Chapter Advisor:  Dale Lintala
Prytanis:  Eric Conway
Crysophylos:  Charles Campbell