AA Meeting Minutes + Financial Report

TKE IOTA PI ALUMNI ASSOCIATION BOARD MINUTES FOR                                                                       2/27/23
In attendance were Jason Johnson, Michael Kuper, Richard Medved, Don Spencer, Scott
Kulkin, Jim Proses, Saul Santiago, Dave Yackechak, Dennis Galambos, Drew Hellebrand.
• A brief discussion regarding the Outstanding Alumni Award took place.
• Saul reported his desire to bring the chapter and the alumni together to determine an award
of an outstanding chapter member each semester (one or two awards to be given out). The
money would be used to pay for or partially pay for an active’s fraternity dues.
• The vote will take place among peers for $350/semester or a divided award.
• Jim, Dave and Saul will form a committee to develop criteria for the award and to determine
when the program will start.
• Expect a report on the Committee’s recommendations within a few weeks.
• For an April Social, Don asked Scott and Jason to lead a committee to find an appropriated place.
• Kent area would be most ideal.
• 3rd week in April would be most ideal.
• Don will pick a date for the social.
• Scott, Jayson will pick out a place in two weeks.
• Don did a review to see the # of fraters who are opening up the website.
• There are between 200-300 fraters who are not.
• Denny indicated that he had spoken to Scott about how any frater could insert a link that could identify addresses of fraters.
• Jim indicated that he supports contacting alumni both electronically and by mail initially.
• Rich and Denny felt that sending out first electronically initially and then, if needed, by mail
would work.
• Don suggested a link could be used.
• A resolution was made to send information out both simultaneously passed.
• The newsletter will announce the specifics of a voluntary dues campaign.
The date for a follow-up meeting will be determined.
Meeting adjourned at 9:15 P.M.

Respectfully submitted, Richard Medved, Secretary