Mentoring Mission
The purpose of the Mentor Program is to provide real life information from a frater who is knowledgeable in his field, and considered to be highly qualified, to an active who is interested in preparing to enter that field. The Mentor Program gives the active frater information and direction from the real world that will be valuable to prepare for and enter his new career. For the alumnus frater, it provides an opportunity to live the final directive given to you in the Fraternity for Life ceremony that finalized your journey as an active in TKE. The Mentor program allows us to realize that TKE is a fraternity for life – transcending all generations.

Mentoring Guidelines
When you become part of the Mentor Program, either as a mentor or mentee, you will be sent an email giving you guidelines showing you what to do next. You are not going to be left in limbo not knowing what to do next.

Mentor and mentee will each be given the contact information for the other. The active will send a brief bio to the alum and will include a rough timeline of when a phone call might be convenient. The alum will respond with a brief bio and a timeline indicating when he is generally available for a phone call. It is hoped that the fraters can agree on a time to make an initial phone call and introduce themselves to one another. After that, emails and texts are recommended. You will be given guidelines that will cover all this and make the process very doable.

Contact Don Spencer to be either a mentor or mentee at to become part of the program