Active’s Activities

Good Afternoon Fraters,

It’s a cold snowy day in April and the winter seems to be giving us one last burst of snow and cold, however on the other side we can all look forwards to warm colorful spring, and summer just around the corner.

Iota-Pi Chapter is currently in a very strong position, as we are evolving to become the best version of ourselves. We are focusing less on the parties and drinking and giving our utmost attention to studies and preparing our upcoming new members to be future leaders for our fraternity.

As for the current chapter, once again Dave Hudgins is overseeing the technicalities of our chapters growth.

Upcoming Events:

Waffle Time May 6th (TKE House – 212 University) and Formal Initiation May 6th (After waffle-time.. 233 Bowman Hall . This would be a great opportunity to come out and spend some time with your brothers and support a good causes of course all of your friends and families are invited.

Also!Formal: April 27th – 29th (Gatlinburg)

This semester has gone by quickly started on a rough note and is continuing to look upwards as we focus on brotherhood and maintaining our momentum with our grades (3.0+ chapter overall).

Have a great week.

Richard Dearing 605