Active’s Activities



The past two weeks have continued to be productive for the Iota-Pi Chapter. This semesters rush is once again off to a strong start we have 4 young and ambitious gentle whom want to become new TKEs.. Collectively our chapters grades are over 3.0 for the first time in too long.
A highlight from last weeks chapter was a small speach given by Christopher Gadd, who raised the importance of accountability. He suggests looking in the mirror and asking yourself to make sure you hold yourself accountable for whatever commitments you have made.
Most recently our brothers have laid back on partying so much, and instead have been focused on studies and individual growth. Our first fully revamped big brother night was a big success and as apaart of this transformation we are focused on sharing the history and legacy of our fraternity.
This weekend is “Fake Patties Day”, any alumni who are free to stop by you are invited to stop by 212 University Street anytime.
Officially we have adopted our new chapter advisor “Jack”
Richard Dearing