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“ Dear Alumni,

If you know, we recently competed in Alpha Xi Deltas philanthropy ‘Xi Man’ competition. Their fundraising goes towards Autism Speaks. We went up against a lot of touch compotition this year and did our best. So without Further or do, here are the results!

Placement:            1st in People’s Choice

2nd Fraternity Fundraising

2nd Overall

Hours of practice:    Around 800 total, between all participants in our chapter

Fundraising:        Participation $290

Coin Wars $100

Bracelets $37

Guest judge $25

Xi Taco Night $150

People’s choice $336

Team Fundraising:             $2064.21

8% of which came from you guys!

Total Fundraising:              $3,002.21


Xi Man Total Fundraising: $63,266.20

Thank you to all that helped us out by donating! Your money went to a VERY good organization. We would also like to ask you guys in advance, to start thinking about our Waffle Time philanthropy in the spring. I will get more information out to you as the date, times, and locations have not been set in stone yet. Have a wonderful evening.”

Taylor Turrin 637