AA Meeting Minutes

Iota Pi Alumni Association Meeting Minutes

Meeting On-line August 4, 2022

Attendees included:  Fraters Don Spencer, Jim Prosek, Rich Medved, Dave Yachechak, Jason Johnson, Mike Kuper, Dennis Galambo, Scott Kulkin.

Meeting was called to order by President Frater Don Spencer at 7:00 P.M.

  • Frater Spencer indicated that people expressed an interest in coming to the 2022 Reunion but have still not registered or filled out the necessary paper work.
  • Frater Spencer informed us that Frater Thier was preparing a data base that more accurately would reflect the Iota Pi alumni membership. Frater Spencer will update the master list by 1:00  M. tomorrow and we would have access to this list when completed.
  • Several fraters are being contacted to assist in encouraging other alumni to attend the reunion as well as participating in the Association’s activities.  Frater Kuper will contact Tommy Cracik and Frater Brian Noller will be contacted as well.  Fraters Harris and Lintala will also be contacted in addition to Frater Aspden.
  • Frater Kulkin suggested having fraters use their Linkin accounts after adding TKE Iota Pi as a way of both keeping in touch with fraters as well as in locating them.

*. Frater Prosek asked how many fraters actually to date have completed the reunion paper work that would indicate a commitment to attend.  Frater Spencer responded that 30 fraters have committed.

*. Frater Spencer asked Frater Prosek if he would divide numbers 345 to 397 from the data base list and distribute them to specific board members to contact.

* The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 P.M. *